Covid-19 Customer and Business Safety Information



Infection control

Business as usual

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Showroom social distancing guidelines 

Contactless delivery 

Stage 4 COVID-19


To our valued customers,

We recommend that you make an appointment,  as our policy is that only one customer is able to enter each store at any one time.   This will alleviate any waiting time to enter our stores.

If you wish to make an appointment, please call the following phone numbers.

5975 6107 for Mornington,

97074955 for Berwick

97082104 for Carrum downs

Coastcare remains committed to the health and safety of our staff, customers and the community at large.

Only one customer to be allowed in the store at any one time

Contactless payments

Orders in person, email or by phone

Deliveries as usual contactless

Best practice under Stage 4 Covid regulations. 

Trust us to provide your needs as usual and in a safe environment

Experience counts when you are uncertain about products that you require, call or email us

Infection control – 16 years of experience with hospital contracts means you can be assured our cleaning protocol works

Shop online for products, pay online for products,  Contact us, by phone, by email, pay by credit card/eft/online, for contactless delivery

Coastcare Medical is committed to maintain “business as usual” approach and continue our high level of informed and safe customer service. Our company’s continuity plan follows the most current guidelines of Government protocol and is updated accordingly. 

Coastcare asks that you use the telephone and emails to contact us where possible, or easier still – use our online shop. We can arrange for “contactless” deliveries to your door.  

Rest assured that, Coastcare’s Logistics team is fully equipped to safely handle incoming and outgoing deliveries. We are backed by our full time Cleaning team who have instituted further rigorous programs to handle, bag and deliver sterilised equipment to our institutions and clients and then further programs to enable recovery and re-sterilisation of goods after collection. 

Coastcare’s utmost priority remains the well being and safety of our clients, employees and their families so that we may continue our safe service to you.

Stay inside and stay safe

Kind regards,

Coastcare Medical Management & Directors