Azalea Tilt & amp; Recline Bariatric Wheelchair Transit


The Rea Azalea Max offers tilt-in-space with weight shifting and DSS (Dual Stability System) mechanism. Stability in this wheelchair originates from body length compensation in the back and leg rests, beneficial for people with limited movement and have difficulty changing position.  Transit version.  24-inch seat width

Hire Available
Two-way backrest, where lower and upper parts of the shaped backrest are reversible, giving people the option of more space in the seat or chest area.
  • Footplate converter, divided into three parts, the footplate comes with a removable midsection, to facilitate transfers.
  • Power tilt and recline with hand control. The person using the chair or the attendant can easily change seating position.
  • The ergonomically shaped push handles are positioned close together for easier handling. An alternate version with higher handles
  • Offers a different position for the hands and is available as an option.
  • 24-inch seat width.

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 95 × 70 × 80 cm

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