Invacare Azalea Tilt and Recline


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The Rea Azalea is the natural choice for the moderately active user as well as for the more passive one.

The comfortable seating system allows the user to alter the seat position, ensuring maximum comfort at all times.

This combined with good driving characteristics makes Azalea the ideal choice. Azalea is a self propelling wheelchair with large rear wheels and is complimented with an alternative transit version that keeps the same frame but with small rear wheels called Rea Azalea Assist.

The new backrest, Flex 3, is multi-adjustable in height, width and shape for different body forms.

Seat Width Range 37-59cm (16"-22")

Seat depth 43-50cm (17"-20")

Overall seat width  +22cm

Overall length 95-102cm

Overall height 90-125cm

Back height 50-80cm

Seat to floor height 40/45cm

Chair weight Standard 34 kg

Transport 16.5kg

Chair weight limit 135 kg

Seat Back Angle 0-30 deg

Seat Tilt n Space -1 - 20 deg

Colour Pearl Grey

Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 100 cm

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