Vogue Indoor Walker


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. Luxury look and feel – Danish design, profiled tubing,
moulded fittings, ergonomic handles and refined colours
• Lightweight and ergonomic design with small turning circle for
excellent manoeuvrability
• No lifting & spillage – meals can be collected and brought to
the desired location without the need for lifting or carrying.
The tray is also removable
• Sitting down for a meal – when the user is sitting, the walker
can be turned around and positioned comfortably in front of
them, to enjoy their meal
• Unique folding design – the slimline design reduces the
footprint when folded but allows the folded walker to stand
upright on its own
• Brakes – the ergonomic ‘Soft Touch’ lockable design allows
the walker to be secured in place with minimal hand pressure
• Removable storage bag – utensils and other items can
be stowed securely away, ideal for transporting personal
belongings around the house
• Supplied with cane holder attachment

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